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Good Advice

 It is permitted Everything is authorized, what is not forbidden
Everything, that is permitted today, always permitted
In special cases the owner forbids something from permitted, but is soft way with an explanation. For example, it is possible to lick the owner at a meeting, having put paws on shoulders. However, if paws are dirty, to do this it is not necessary.
 It is necessary To do everything, that the owner demands
To trust the owner if you are not guided in conditions
To bear unpleasant procedures because everything, that the owner does,he does for the good of the Central Asian Shepherd
  It is forbidden To snap, growl, bite the owner and his children and all members of the household
To run after cats, bicyclists, runners
It is forbidden to fight with small and weak dogs
It is forbidden to pick up food on the street from the ground or from the strangers

Harmful advice

From the manual to manual pages of instructions were written on how to force the dog to accept the subordinated status. Probably few times it was possible to subordinate a dog with their help, but with the Central Asian sheep-dog much more often the effect expected to be the opposite.

Advice In what it most likely, will result
Steadfastly look in eyes of a dog, as animals do not bear a look of the human No mystical force in a sight of the person is present. Frighten the Central Asian sheep-dog a steadfast sight the person, which firmly convinced, that he now will eat this dog in the most direct sense. Such thing is possible only to professionals
In the conflict to the nonprofessional in an emphasis the Central Asian sheep-dog perceives a sight as a call on fight and immediately attacks
To bite a dog on a nose or an ear Categorically it is not necessary, what will you do, when the Central Asian sheep-dog will bite your nose?
The owner should go ahead of the dog, as this is the behavior of the leader Ahead generally goes the temporary leader of the pack, the leader goes where it's convenient to him
If you would follow this advice, it is necessary to forget about a command "Beside", how you will supervise behavior of the Central Asian sheep-dog who is behind your back?
The main thing - is not a place of following the owner, but that only he ( the owner) chooses where, how and when a dog goes
The owner eats first, and a dog eats after the master ended his meal Well owners and their dogs don't eat from one bowl ! People are in a condition to decide, when to sit down at the table
The owner has the right to take away a bowl, a piece of meat during meal from the Central Asian sheep-dog, it is strictly forbidden for a dog to suffice pieces without the permission

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